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Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Bridgeport landscape, while rich in diversity of people, resources and knowledge, is mutually engaged in overcoming educational challenges because of the effects of poverty.​

ChIldren who grow up in conditions of economic hardship often exhibit elevated stress hormone levels. Healthy development can be derailed by prolonged activation of the stress response systems in the brain, affecting brain surface area, cognition, and social development. This has a significant effect on their educational future beginning in preschool and beyond.

            ~ Center on the Developing Child

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Community Collaborations

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Our Program

“My daughter has developmental issues and Music Together has helped her interact with other children, improved her hand-eye coordination, teachers her words and sounds, and something about the clapping and tapping-helps her to gain focus. It has made me closer to my children, since we are always singing and dancing with the CDs at home too!

My Family Service Advocate has provided a safe place to discuss personal and family situations and connected me to services that were immediately helpful. I have become less stressed and more organized with the needs of my family. We are very grateful for the Bridge Together Program!”

Maria Toro,

Bridge Together Family

What makes Bridge Together unique is the the combination of supports, not only for the child, but for the family. The cognitive and social supports build essential skills in the child to maintain healthy development, while the family supports allow for the ability to alleviate stressors and connect to essential services. Providing these supportive and responsive relationships as early in life as possible, can prevent or reverse the damaging effects of toxic stress.

The Problem

Stable and Engaged Families

The Bridge Together Initiative is founded on the Head Start philosophy of engaged parents, stable families, healthy children and cognitive development.

In order to effectively learn, young children must be supported socially, academically and through addressing the needs of the family as a whole.

Bridge Together has partnered with the Bridgeport Pubic Schools to provide a systemic change model that begins at birth, and follows the family through preschool and beyond.

Our Mission

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