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Research demonstrated that Bridgeport parents (n=46) who participated in Music Together classes showed more favorable change, at a statistically significant level (t(67)=-2.961), p<.01), in their perceived success in preparing their children to learn (measure based on Sheldon & Epstein, 2007).

Enhanced Learning Environment

Research Findings

Stable and Engaged Families

K-3 Classes

Parent/Child Classes

The research-based program, not only supports music learning, but also promotes overall healthy brain development in infants and young children.

Weekly classes are carefully developed to build motor, social/emotional, language, (pre)/reading and cognitive skills. 

All parents receive CDs and songbooks to continue positive interactions at home and are engaged through parent events during the year.

Programming is available for Infants- Grade 3, providing an enhanced learning environment in an intentional continuum.

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Further, previous research using the Bridge Together model of family services and engaging programming (previously Total Learning) showed the potential to impact DRA scores in Kindergarten students and multiple domains of development in pre-school children (all statistically significant at the p<.05 level).

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Changes in parent’s perception of their ability to help their child learn

  • Powerful professional development for teachers allows them to integrate strategies in the classroom to develop early literacy skills, speech and language, cognitive and social/emotional growth.
  • Promotes positive relationships among all children and adults. It encourages each child’s sense of individual worth and belonging as part of a community.
  • Infant/toddler neurological development is stimulated through ‘purposeful touch’ during music and rhythmic interactions.

  • The parent-infant attachment relationship has been connected to gene expression and even to the physical development of an infant’s right brain, which regulates stress, emotion, and ability to self-regulate.

Preschool Classes

  • Every child in a Music Together class is assigned a Family Service Advocate to support the child and the entire family.
  • Provides families with a safe, trusting, and confidential resource to connect to services throughout Bridgeport.
  • Provides family service plans, home visits, and one-on-one support.
  • Consistent case management ensures early intervention with the youngest children/families, connecting them with services before they become at risk.
  • Support through advocacy, alleviates stress in the home and fosters healthy and happy children and families.
  • Teachers are provided with yearlong, embedded support as they learn research-based strategies to deliver their curriculum.
  • These strategies build students’ abilities to learn through their ears, eyes, bodies and words – strategies that pattern their brains for learning.